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Zuckerberg vs. Musk: The Cage Fight That Almost Was (But Not Really)

In Silicon Valley, where tech giants roam,
Two billionaires thought of a new kind of tome.
Zuckerberg and Musk, in headlines they’d stay,
With a cage fight proposal, to light up the fray.

“Elon’s not serious,” Mark did declare,
With every delay, he pulled out his hair.
“Elon suggests a fight in my yard,” Mark relayed,
While Mark just wished for a date to be set.

Musk, on platform X, his tweets did relay,
Promising charity, and training all day.
Zuckerberg, in contrast, with jiu-jitsu might,
Had medals to show, ready for the fight.

August twenty-six, Mark hoped for the date,
But Elon’s response was fashionably late.
With every new twist, the world watched in glee,
Two tech giants bickering, for all to see.

Then came Threads by Meta, a new app in town,
Challenging Twitter, for the social crown.
Rapid growth at first, it seemed quite the hit,
But soon engagement dropped, bit by bit.

In the midst of this tech and social melee,
The world wondered if the fight would see day.
But as the story unfolds, one thing’s clear to all,
In the tech world’s theater, there’s never a dull call.