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From $12 to $14: YouTube Premium’s Silent Price Hike

YouTube Premium, a cunning little beast,
Silently feasting on our wallets, at least.
From twelve to fourteen, a stealthy flight,
In the dead of night, out of sight.

Music Premium too, joins the cunning game,
From ten to eleven, a subtle claim.
Matching Apple and Amazon, what a shame,
No fanfare, no announcement, just a price to tame.

Promises of no ads, offline viewing supreme,
1080p streaming, a tempting dream.
But wait, there’s more, a family plan to seem,
Twenty-three it costs, a cunning scheme.

Remember YouTube Red, with its humble ten?
Rebranded to Premium, a sly move, my friend.
Some still enjoy the old rate, a sweet little bend,
While others face the hike, a bitter end.

And what’s this? A crackdown on ad-blockers, you say?
A pop-up warning, ad-free no way.
“Ads keep YouTube free,” they relay,
Premium subscription, the price you must pay.

So beware of YouTube’s tricks and wiles,
Cunningly raising prices, hiding in files.
In the world of streaming, it’s a wild ride,
Hold on to your wallets, and enjoy the slide.