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Corrections Policy

At Don’t Be Amused. It’s Just the News, we are committed to your well-being and the importance of maintaining a healthy mind in today’s fast-paced world. We believe that news consumption should not add to the stress and overwhelm you may already be experiencing. Our unique and therapeutic approach delivers news in a satirical form that provides information while also offering profound health benefits.

While we link to credible sources and verify the facts independently before crafting our news poems, we understand that despite our best efforts, mistakes can occasionally occur. When such instances arise, we are committed to addressing them transparently and promptly.

Reporting Errors: We encourage our readers to engage with us and notify us of any perceived errors or inaccuracies they come across. Your feedback is invaluable in maintaining the quality and integrity of our poetic news content. Please email us at with the email subject “Correction” to report any concerns.

Correction Process: Upon receiving an error report, we will thoroughly investigate and evaluate the concern. If it is determined that an error has occurred, we will take prompt action to correct it. Corrections will be made visibly and transparently within the affected content. We may provide clarifications, strike-throughs, or other suitable means to indicate the correction and ensure accurate information is presented.

Archive of Corrections: To maintain transparency and keep our readers informed, we maintain an archive of significant corrections or clarifications made to our poetic news content. You can find the record of these updates on our Corrections Page. We believe in the power of reflection, contemplation, and healing through poetry, and we aim to deliver a news experience that respects your well-being.

Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continuous improvement and learning from our errors. Your input and engagement contribute to enhancing the quality and accuracy of our poetic news. We appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to deliver a stress-free news journey that nourishes your mind, uplifts your spirit, and enhances your overall well-being.