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World Cup 2023: A Celebration of Diversity in USWNT

Oh, behold the field of green, where soccer dreams are seen,
A tale of diversity, in the USWNT team.
Once a sea of sameness, now a vibrant stream,
Reflecting the nation’s face, in the World Cup dream.

No more just suburban kids, with dreams of glory and fame,
Now we see a team that’s diverse, not just in name.
Black, brown, gay, straight, all playing the same game,
A beautiful blend of America, not just the same old frame.

“Look at us,” says the team, “we’re more than what you’ve seen,
Not just a single color, but a human rainbow sheen.
We’re here to kick the ball, and also to convene,
A message of inclusion, in the twenty-twenty-three scene.”

From the streets to the suburbs, from the coasts to the heartland,
Soccer’s not just for the few, but for every woman and man.
The beautiful game, now more beautiful than planned,
A testament to progress, across the American land.

Oh, the times are changing, and so is the team’s hue,
A reflection of America, red, white, black, and blue.
So here’s to the new faces, to the old guard – adieu,
In the World Cup of life, it’s a diverse crew.

The game is no longer confined, to a privileged few,
It’s a sport for all, a vision anew.
From the World Cup’s grand stage, a fresh wind blew,
A message of hope, to the old order, a coup.

In the face of adversity, they stand tall and true,
A team that’s diverse, breaking the status quo’s glue.
With every kick and goal, boundaries they undo,
In the game of life, it’s a diverse view.