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Watt’s the Buzz? Brothers Light Up Wheaties Box

In a world where football’s the game,
Two brothers rise to Wheaties fame.
J.J. and T.J., side by side,
On a cereal box, they both reside.

J.J.’s off the field, no more sacks to make,
Prefers the golf course, and a Burnley stake.
But T.J.’s still rushing, Steelers’ pride,
With records to break, and a stride so wide.

First brothers on Wheaties, what a feat,
A donation to charity, isn’t that sweet?
$100,000, to kids they gave,
For after-school sports, the future they’ll pave.

J.J. reminisces, “It’s full circle, you see,
From staring at boxes, to the box staring at me.”
T.J. chimes in, “It’s surreal, no lie,
From backyard games, to the NFL sky.”

Derek, the middle, not to be left behind,
On the box’s back, his face you’ll find.
Three Watts, one box, a family affair,
With electric talent, beyond compare.

So next time you pour, those flakes of wheat,
Remember the Watts, and their on-field feat.
For in the world of sports, and cereal too,
The Watt brothers reign, and continue to woo.