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Walmart Heiress’s Yacht Becomes Canvas for Climate Protest


In the sun-drenched waters of Ibiza’s coast,
A superyacht named Kaos played host,
To a scene of protest, bold and grand,
Where activists took a defiant stand.

“Your consumption,” they cried, “makes others suffer,”
A message sprayed on the yacht’s shiny buffer.
“The richest one percent, it’s you we blame,
For polluting more than the poor, oh, what a shame!”

Nancy Walton Laurie, Walmart’s heiress,
Her yacht now a canvas of protest and redress.
“They’re destroying our planet,” the activists cry,
While the billionaires in their yachts and jets fly.

Two protesters detained, their message still clear,
“The party is over,” they say, “do you hear?”
Luxury emissions, private jets, and yachts,
Are luxuries we can’t afford, connect the dots.

A similar act on Friday, a private jet was their stage,
Their message of protest, again front-page.
The runway shut down for hours, a powerful display,
Of the lengths they’ll go to have their say.

“The action puts the finishing touch,” they proudly state,
To a campaign against luxury, before it’s too late.
“Jets and Yachts, the party is over,” they demand,
A call to arms, a line in the sand.

The climate group Extinction Rebellion, too,
Pledged to target the 1%, their aim is true.
“The rich and their leisure activities that waste,
Are a luxury that we cannot afford,” they paste.

Earlier this month, golf courses were their target,
Plugging up holes, a protest market.
To protest the water use, during Spain’s worst drought,
Their message is clear, there’s no doubt.

So here’s a tale of protest and might,
Of activists standing up for what’s they perceive is right.
A superyacht named Kaos, now a symbol,
Of a fight against greed, that’s far from simple.