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Vanna White’s Spin for Equality

Source: Getty Images

Every night the Wheel of Fortune spins,
But not so much for Vanna, it seems.
Eighteen years, no raise in sight,
While Pat’s been bathing in the limelight.

“Half of Pat’s is fair,” they said,
But Vanna shook her platinum head.
“No, I want the whole darn pie,
Or at least, I’m gonna try.”

Ryan Seacrest’s ready to play,
But Vanna’s wage is still in dismay.
“Fight for your future,” the voices say,
So Vanna’s lawyer enters the fray.

Pat’s retirement stirs the pot,
While Vanna’s pay is still an afterthought.
She’s been turning letters since ’82,
Isn’t it time her paycheck grew?

Sajak’s millions pile up high,
While Vanna’s earnings barely scrape the sky.
“Equal pay for equal play,”
Is what our Vanna tries to convey.

The network execs, they hem and haw,
While Vanna stands firm, without a flaw.
She’s more than just a pretty face,
She’s a vital part of the Fortune space.

Seacrest looks forward to the spin,
Hoping to work with Vanna, and win.
But the wheel’s outcome is yet unknown,
Will Vanna get the pay she’s shown?

As the wheel continues to turn,
There’s one thing we all should learn,
That equal work deserves equal pay,
In the game of life, that should be the only way.

And now we wait, with bated breath,
To see if Vanna gets her wealth.
For in this game of Fortune’s spin,
It’s high time that Vanna should win.