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Vacationers’ Paradise: Greece’s 2023 Tourism Forecast

To Greece they flock, from lands far and wide,
Seeking sun, sea, and a historical ride.
€21 billion, that’s the golden prize,
As tourists descend, under Grecian skies.

Inflation’s afoot, yet they come in droves,
To Mytilene, Kavala, and hidden coves.
Not just for the islands, with their famed allure,
But Athens beckons, with charms so pure.

Turkey and Albania, they’re in the race,
But Greece holds its own, with such grace.
From March to May, the U.S. leads the spree,
Dropping euros, as free as can be.

Yet, the UK’s a bit tight, a penny or two,
Perhaps after Brexit, their wallets just grew blue?
The dynamics are shifting, that’s clear to see,
But Greece’s allure? It’s as strong as can be.

June’s air traffic, a sight to behold,
Yet Mykonos and Santorini, a tad less bold.
Rhodes faced its trials, with fires so wild,
Yet the spirit of Greece, remains undefiled.

So here they come, in numbers so grand,
To experience the magic, of this ancient land.
For in 2023, the records might break,
As the world flocks to Greece, for a vacation to take!