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The Titan Sub Tragedy: A Call for Respect and Compassion

In the depths of the sea, where the Titanic lay,
A sub named Titan, took a fatal sway.
Five brave souls, in the ocean’s embrace,
Lost in the abyss, leaving nary a trace.

OceanGate, the company, had a grand plan,
To take the wealthy, where no others can.
Down to the depths, thirteen thousand feet,
In a titanium hull, thought to be elite.

But alas, at twelve-five, something went awry,
A catastrophic implosion, no chance to say goodbye.
The cause unknown, the investigations underway,
While we’re left with questions, in the light of day.

Critics argue, was the Titan truly sound?
Was this sacred site, a playground to be found?
Yet amidst the debate, let’s not lose sight,
Of the human aspect, of this tragic night.

Not thrill-seekers, nor tourists, these five souls were,
But explorers, dreamers, history’s connoisseur.
Their identities distinct, their dreams so vast,
In the blink of an eye, now part of the past.

The media, oh the media, with their sensationalist tone,
Focusing on the negative, compassion overthrown.
These individuals deserve, our utmost respect,
Their memories honored, their lives retrospect.

The Titanic, a symbol, of human highs and lows,
A testament to courage, amidst the throes.
Let’s not deter, from exploring its story,
But do so with respect, in all its glory.

The Titan sub tragedy, a loss so profound,
Let’s mourn with dignity, as the world goes round.
In the face of tragedy, let’s not lose our grace,
For the ocean’s depths, are a sacred space.