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The Silent Allure: Why Abandoned Places Offer Solace in Modern Times

In the quiet corners of the world we tread,
Lies the comfort of the liminal, a balm for the dread.
It’s not just the silence, nor the void that we seek,
But the solace of the in-between, where memories speak.

Empty streets at dawn, where shadows grow long,
Evoke feelings of nostalgia, of a comforting song.
It’s the warmth of memories, of simpler days gone by,
The solace of standing where earth meets the sky.

Deserted hospitals, where echoes softly hum,
Remind us of moments, both joyful and glum.
It’s not just the quiet, but the comfort they bring,
From bustling corridors, to lullabies we’d sing.

The allure is the threshold, the space in between,
Not just the past, nor the future unseen.
It’s the magic of moments, wrapped in time’s embrace,
The comforting spaces, where heartbeats find their pace.

Old train stations, theaters once grand,
Hold the warmth of the liminal, like a comforting hand.
It’s the solace of the in-between, the peace we often crave,
That makes us yearn for places, where memories gently wave.

For in these liminal realms, where past and future meet,
Lies the comfort of the familiar, a retreat so sweet.
The solace in what’s left behind,
And the peace of the in-between, forever intertwined.