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The Roar of a Hundred Voices: Larry Nassar’s Prison Attack in Poetic Light

In the shadowed halls of justice, where the innocent should thrive,
Lies a tale of a beast, who against humanity did contrive.
Larry Nassar, once a healer, now a name that chills the spine,
Locked within a cage of iron, for his unforgivable crime.

His deeds, a silent scream, echoing through the years,
His victims left in ruins, their dreams drowned in tears.
In a Florida prison, he met a taste of his own dread,
A dance of steel and flesh, a symphony of red.

Struck in the back, and in the chest, a poetic justice some might say,
The Bureau of Prisons, they remain silent, their words held at bay.
Once he basked in Arizona’s sun, a brief respite from his fate,
But after a violent welcome, they moved him, before it was too late.

Now in a fortress, under Florida’s burning gaze,
His life reduced to a cell, his freedom just a haze.
He confessed his sins, his monstrous acts,
Assaulting young hopefuls, a horrifying fact.

Over a hundred women, their voices a defiant roar,
Against the FBI’s inaction, their outrage they couldn’t ignore.
A billion dollars, they demanded, a price for their shattered trust,
For the government’s blindness, to a justice that was just.

Michigan State, they paid their due,
But no amount of money can undo
The anguish suffered, the scars so deep,
For those whose innocence Nassar did creep.

500 million, a sum they offered,
To help the wounded, their lives now altered.
Yet, in truth, no wealth can fully mend,
The broken hearts that may never truly mend.

But let not despair be the end of our song,
For in the heart of darkness, the light is strong.
From the ashes of the past, a new day is born,
A future where innocence need not be torn.

In the heart of a nation, where dreams are meant to soar,
We see a tomorrow, where justice is more than lore.
A world where the vulnerable are shielded from harm,
And every child can dream, without fear or alarm.