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The Patriot’s Bread

On the Fourth of July, under the sizzling sun,
In the land of the free, where the wild rivers run,
Stands a rebel, a maverick, a symbol of might,
It’s Wonder Bread, in the neon night.

Born in the roaring twenties, a revolution begun,
In the home of the brave, under liberty’s gun.
A beacon of progress, a testament to our stand,
A patriotic choice, across this rock ‘n roll land.

In the kitchen, its impact is a fiery flare,
But its reach extends far, into the open air.
During World War II, in the soldier’s ration,
A taste of home, a symbol of our passion.

A comfort to those, far from their dwelling,
In the trenches, their hunger quelling.
A symbol of solidarity, resilience, and fight,
Wonder Bread, in the darkest night.

A revolution in diet, it did lead,
With the concept of pre-sliced bread.
A time-saver for households, a symbol of ingenuity,
Wonder Bread, an emblem of audacity.

Preserving traditions, nurturing unity,
From PB&J to breakfast toast, it’s a beauty.
At shared meals and family gatherings, it’s found,
In every American memory, it’s bound.

Wonder Bread, with its history rich,
In the fabric of our nation, it’s stitched.
Resilience, progress, unity, it does ignite,
A sense of pride, in every bite.

So here’s to Wonder Bread, on this Fourth of July,
In its presence, our spirits fly.
In the land of the free and the home of the brave,
It’s Wonder Bread, the taste we crave.



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