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The Nominees for the 2023 Emmy Awards Are…


Oh, the Emmys are upon us, it’s that time of year,
When “Succession” leads the pack, let’s give a cheer.
27 nods, oh what a sight,
“The Last of Us” follows, giving them a fight.

“The White Lotus” and “Ted Lasso” aren’t far behind,
21 and 23 nods, oh how kind.
Yvette Nicole Brown and Frank Scherma, they did share,
The list of nominees, from their virtual lair.

38 first-timers, oh what a thrill,
Like Riley Keough and James Marsden, showing off their skill.
Pedro Pascal, three nods, oh what a spree,
The 75th Emmys, on FOX TV.

Now let’s talk series, oh what a list,
“The Daily Show”, “Jimmy Kimmel”, none were missed.
“Late Night with Seth Meyers”, “The Late Show” too,
And “The Problem with Jon Stewart”, oh it’s definitely due.

Reality competition, oh what a race,
“Amazing Race”, “Drag Race”, keeping pace.
“Survivor”, “Top Chef”, and “The Voice” in line,
Who will win? Oh, we’ll see in time.

Lead actress, limited series, oh what a cast,
Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Chastain, having a blast.
Dominique Fishback, Kathryn Hahn, and more,
Riley Keough, Ali Wong, talent galore.

Lead actor, same category, who will win?
Taron Egerton, Kumail Nanjiani, grinning a grin.
Evan Peters, Daniel Radcliffe, in the mix,
Michael Shannon, Steven Yeun, showing their tricks.

Drama series, oh what a fight,
“Better Call Saul”, “The Crown”, shining bright.
“House of the Dragon”, “The Last of Us”, in the fray,
“Succession”, “White Lotus”, “Yellowjackets”, hey!

Comedy series, oh what a laugh,
“Barry”, “Jury Duty”, cut in half.
“Mrs. Maisel”, “Only Murders”, and “Ted Lasso”,
“Abbott Elementary”, “The Bear”, “Wednesday”, bravo!

So tune in on September, the 18th day,
To see who takes the golden lady away.
The 75th Emmys, oh what a sight,
Good luck to all, and to all a good night!