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The Discordant Echoes of Cluster Bombs in Ukraine’s Skies

In the land of the brave and the home of the free,
A decision was made, as controversial as can be.
Cluster munitions, they say, are on their way,
To Ukraine, in aid, to keep the invaders at bay.

Oh, Uncle Sam, with your military might,
Is this the way to make things right?
A canister of bomblets, spreading far and wide,
In the name of defense, where do we draw the line?

Cluster bombs, they say, are a necessary evil,
To combat the tanks, and cause upheaval.
But let’s not forget, in this game of war,
It’s often the innocent who settle the score.

The bomblets, they scatter, like seeds in the wind,
And the danger they pose, is indeed not thin.
Unexploded, they lie, a deadly surprise,
For the unsuspecting civilian, it’s a lethal demise.

Oh, the irony, it’s rich, it’s thick,
The US phased them out, but now they pick,
To send these weapons, once deemed too cruel,
In a twisted game, where there’s no rule.

So here we are, in a world gone mad,
Where cluster bombs are good, and peace is bad.
We laugh, we jest, in the face of despair,
For in this world of chaos, it’s every nation for itself out there.

So, let’s raise a toast, to the powers that be,
Who play chess with lives, in the name of liberty.
And as the bombs fall, and the world watches in dread,
We’ll keep watching our sets, ’cause that’s how our bread is bread.