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The Day CNN Made Me Believe Bruce Willis Was No More

Just moments ago, I opened Google News,
But a CNN headline left me in confused views,
Schwarzenegger says Willis will be remembered,
In darkest hours, the shadows gathered.

Had Bruce Willis, the action star we adore,
Passed away? I couldn’t bear it anymore,
But upon reading, a different truth unfurled,
He was retiring, due to health, his world.

The headline, not incorrect, but oh so sly,
A prime example of clickbait’s crafty lie,
In today’s digital journalism, it’s a trend,
Sensationalized titles, designed to con and bend.

This personal encounter sheds light on the scene,
A broader issue in media, a tarnished sheen,
Clicks equal money, the temptation’s real,
But at what cost? The ethics we conceal.

Journalism’s core duty, to inform with truth,
Misleading headlines corrode, erode our sleuth,
Public trust wanes, as misinformation spreads,
A media landscape tainted, with falsehoods in threads.

This isn’t an isolated event, we’ve seen,
Numerous instances where truth has been demeaned,
Headlines twisted to maximize the clicks,
Content misrepresented, a media tricks.

This challenge is vast, it needs collective might,
Media organizations must put ethics in sight,
Journalists must strive for accuracy and fairness,
Crafting headlines true, without causing despair.

Readers, too, bear a burden of responsibility,
To evaluate news critically, hold media’s sensibility,
In an era where falsehoods spread like wildfire,
Ethical journalism is what we truly desire.

The time has come for the industry’s reflection,
To reassess its practices, make a correction,
Upholding the principles of responsible news,
Combatting misinformation, shining a truthful fuse.

In this world of rapid dissemination,
Ethical journalism holds salvation,
Let’s prioritize truth, debunk the deception,
A media landscape built on trust and perception.



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