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The Ballad of America’s Oldest Fallen Brewery

Courtesy of Anchor Brewing Company

There once was a brewery, old and grand,
In San Francisco, it made its stand.
Anchor Brewing, a name so fine,
Now it’s time for the closing sign.

127 years of brewing craft,
Now it’s time for the final draft.
Economic woes and sales decline,
Led to the end of this beer divine.

Sapporo, oh Sapporo, from Japan’s distant land,
You bought the brand, took command.
But did you really understand the craft?
Accusations of mismanagement, a rebrand gone daft.

The Christmas Ale, a brew so dear,
Won’t be seen in the coming year.
The workers, oh the workers, in their prime,
For the brewery’s closure, it’s the end of time.

The craft beer industry, once so bright,
Now faces an uncertain night.
Anchor Brewing, a pioneer of its time,
Its closure rings a sober chime.

The tale of Anchor, a lesson learned,
In the world of craft beer, fortunes are turned.
A sad day in history, a loss so great,
For the brewery by the Golden Gate.