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The ‘AM for Every Vehicle Act’ Debacle

Welcome, folks, to the headlines of our time,
Where absurdity meets legislation in rhyme.
Lawmakers pushing the “AM for Every Vehicle Act,”
A legislation as interesting as a fact.

They decree, with a serious tone and a jest,
That all new cars must have AM radio, at best.
Yes, you heard it right, AM radio, my friends,
A technology almost a century old, that never ends.

In a world of self-driving cars and innovation galore,
We take a retrograde step, what a bore!
They looked at the 21st century’s panorama wide,
And said, “Let’s stick to the Roaring Twenties’ stride.”

What’s next on their agenda, one might wonder,
Compulsory crank-start cars, oh what a blunder!
Or perhaps rumble seats, mandatory in every ride,
And an obligatory phonograph, right by your side?

They claim it’s for accessibility, noble in aim,
Ensuring information reaches all, the same.
But in a progressive society, can we not find,
A better approach, leaving nostalgia behind?

How about affordable housing, a pressing need,
While lawmakers play with radio frequencies, indeed.
Instead of accessible communication for all,
Let’s dive into unaffordable living spaces’ sprawl.

Forget about shelter and stability, my friends,
Let’s focus on the thrill of unaffordable trends.
Who needs basic human needs when we can say,
We prioritized everything else, come what may?

Radio isn’t obsolete, no one’s making that claim,
But alternatives exist, and they’re not the same.
Internet access, a modern and effective tool,
Can bridge the gap, make information cool.

Let’s keep pace with changing times, my dear,
Address present needs without outdated fear.
Progressive tunes that resonate with the masses,
Ditch the AM radio mandate, save us from the static clashes.

So, dear lawmakers, let’s focus on what’s truly right,
Beneficial solutions that shine in our sight.
Leave the AM radio in the past’s archives,
And embrace the future, where true progress thrives.



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