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The Agony of Watching Ex-Sabres Shine Elsewhere

Oh, Buffalo Sabres, what a sight,
Watching your ex-players shine so bright.
Eichel and O’Reilly, once your pride,
Now they’re on the other side.

Eichel, that traitorous turncoat, they say,
Lifted the Stanley Cup in Vegas, hooray!
And O’Reilly, with the Blues, had his day,
While Sabres fans just look away.

Once upon a time, in 2015,
The Sabres’ future looked so clean.
Eichel, a prodigy, joined the team,
And with O’Reilly, they were a dream.

But alas, the dream was short and sweet,
Both were traded, a bitter defeat.
And now they win, while Sabres retreat,
A tale of betrayal, no small feat.

The Sabres’ management, oh so poor,
Traded away the players we adore.
Now they win, while we implore,
“Please, oh please, no more, no more!”

The Sabres’ story, a cautionary tale,
Of rash decisions and a franchise frail.
A reminder to all, to no avail,
Of a team’s future, so pale.

But perhaps, just perhaps, there’s a light,
A chance for the Sabres to fight.
To rise from the ashes, oh what a sight,
And sneak into the playoffs, right?

So here’s to the Sabres, and their plight,
May they find their way, and set things right.
And to their ex-players, shining bright,
We say, “Good luck, and goodnight!”