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Square Burgers Headed to Australia After 52-Year Hiatus

Once upon a time, in the land down under,
A burger giant started to ponder.
In ’82, Melbourne saw their first endeavor,
But by ’85, they were gone, thinking “never.”

Yet now, after a pause, a gap, a breather,
Wendy’s returns, stronger and sleeker.
“By 2034,” they boldly declare,
“200 Wendy’s spots, Aussies, prepare!”

Abigail Pringle, their chief with a plan,
Envisions a future, with burgers in hand.
“Others might waver,” she says with pride,
“But our square burgers take the ride.”

With patties so square, they stand out in a crowd,
Wendy’s proclaims their difference loud.
“No corners cut,” they jest and tease,
“Unlike our burgers, which aim to please.”

Frozen beef? Oh, that’s quite absurd,
Wendy’s serves fresh, or haven’t you heard?
And while others serve fries that are thin and sleek,
Wendy’s are thick, a meal in each streak.

With a mix of American vibe and Aussie tune,
Wendy’s aims to be a hit, and soon.
Challenging the giants, in this fast-food space,
They’re set to find their rightful place.

So, as the dinner tables set and chairs align,
Guess who’s back with a design so fine?
With ambitions soaring and a plan so clever,
Wendy’s is here, endeavoring to be better than ever!