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SNL Succession Speculation: Tina Fey in the Mix

Instagram/Tina Fey @tinafey30

A little birdie told the NY Post today,
That the queen of “30 Rock” might come back to play.
To the helm of SNL, she might just walk,
Lorne Michaels, the creator, might take a bow, they talk.

Tina Fey, they say, is the only one,
To fill those shoes and get the job done.
But NBC insiders, they shake their heads,
“No truth in the rumor,” they spread.

But the world of TV, it loves to chatter,
And the thought of Fey, it makes them flatter.
With her partner in crime, Robert Carlock,
They could make SNL rock.

From “30 Rock” to “Kimmy Schmidt” she’s had a run,
A successful career, full of fun.
But could she return to where it began,
To lead SNL, is that the plan?

Her time on SNL, a memory so sweet,
As head writer and “Weekend Update” seat.
Could she return to those hallowed halls,
To answer SNL’s potential calls?

The 50th season, a milestone so grand,
Could it be the time for Michaels to disband?
And in his place, could Fey be the one,
To keep SNL under the sun?

But let’s not forget, there’s no official word,
Just whispers and rumors that the birdie heard.
So, until then, let’s wait and see,
If the queen of comedy will reign on SNL’s spree.