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Smoke and Score: Travis Kelce’s Marijuana Revelations in the NFL

Travis Kelce

In the wild world of the NFL, my friends,
Travis Kelce’s revelation sends chills down our spines.
He drops a bombshell, a cannabis confession,
Claiming 50-80 percent enjoy a marijuana obsession.

Oh, the herb of the delight, Mary Jane, they say,
Has become the players’ favorite way to play.
As states embrace its charm and legalize,
The NFL adjusts, oh what a surprise!

No more THC testing during the offseason heat,
Players light up and dance to a different beat.
Kelce advises, “Just quit in the middle of July,
No worries, my dudes, you won’t go awry.”

But some players push it, they ain’t shy,
They stop a mere week before, oh my, oh my!
Their sweat-drenched workouts their secret ace,
Passing those drug tests, just to save face.

Le’Veon Bell, a free agent, openly admits,
Smoking up before games, breaking all the limits.
He blazes the joint, then runs like a beast,
150 yards, two touchdowns, smoking increased!

But let’s rewind to Kelce’s college days,
When his suspension caused quite the disarray.
He tested positive, the ganja got him caught,
And he felt so ashamed, he wished he could rot.

His father, Ed, couldn’t hold back his wrath,
“Suspending a kid for pot? Give me a fucking path!”
He urged his son to learn, to grow from the mess,
While secretly thinking the punishment was nothing but stress.

Kelce sought refuge with his brother, dear Jason,
An offseason of contemplation, quite a sensation.
But he bounced back stronger, with a burning desire,
Two Super Bowl rings, lighting up like a fire.

Marijuana, still illegal under federal law,
But 23 states say, “Let’s dance, let’s draw!”
In the realm of the NFL, where dreams come alive,
The grass is greener, and it’s one hell of a ride.

So, there you have it, the NFL’s spicy tale,
Where players indulge, and rules seem to pale.
A 4-quarter journey through the Mary Jane haze,
Where football meets the herb, in intriguing ways.