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Sky Taxis Coming to Ohio

In Ohio, land of flight’s birthright,
Where the Wright brothers took their historic flight,
Now welcomes Joby with delight,
To craft flying taxis, oh what a sight!

Joby Aviation, the name rings a bell,
In the world of flying taxis, they dwell,
With electric wings and a futuristic spell,
They promise a sky-ride, oh so swell!

In the Ohio river valley, they stake their claim,
With plans so grand, they’re playing the game,
500 taxis a year, oh what fame,
In the sky-race, they aim to flame.

At Dayton’s airport, they’ll settle their nest,
140 acres, they request,
To build their taxis, they attest,
Will be the venture that stands the test.

With a budget grand, oh the zest,
325 million, they’ve been blessed,
From Ohio’s coffers, it’s been expressed,
To make flying taxis, the Midwest’s best.

By 2025, they plan to soar,
With 2000 jobs, maybe even more,
In the sky, where dreams do pour,
Joby’s taxis, we can’t ignore.

Yet, as we stand on this new frontier,
Let’s ponder a moment, with a slight leer,
Will these flying taxis bring cheer?
Or just be a chapter in Ohio’s seer?

So here’s to Joby, with a wink and a nod,
In Ohio’s skies, they’ll prod,
With a venture so grand, it’s rather odd,
We just hope it’s not a fleeting facade.