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Say Cheese! Kraft Issues Major Recall

Oh, Kraft, you’ve really outdone yourself this time,
In the world of cheese, this surely is a crime.
With plastic in the slices, a surprise in every bite,
Your customers are gagging, this just isn’t right!

A machine gone rogue, with a mind of its own,
Leaving plastic remnants, in cheese slices, homegrown.
But fear not dear consumers, for Kraft is on the case,
They’re recalling all the slices, at a hurried pace.

In the midst of the chaos, a beacon of hope,
Kraft springs into action, with a scope
To amend the errors, to right the wrong,
In the cheese kingdom, where they belong.

With inspectors on the lookout, and machines under check,
Kraft vows to return, to regain respect.
For a world without Singles, is a world we disdain,
Bring back our cheese, without the plastic pain!

So here’s to a future, where cheese reigns supreme,
Without any surprises, or a plastic dream.
May Kraft rise again, with slices so fine,
In the cheese aisle, where the sun does shine!