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Rocket Man’s Final Farewell

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Farewell, Elton, in your coat of sequins and stars,
Your final show, under the Swedish night’s czars.
Touring since seventeen, in a van, oh so lean,
Through the kaleidoscope of the music scene.

330 shows, in 663 days, quite the feat,
Your “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, oh so sweet.
COVID and a hip injury, just a minor beat,
Couldn’t stop the “Tiny Dancer” from taking his seat.

You claim you’ve had enough of the applause,
But we know it’s just a dramatic pause.
At 76, you seek something new, something blue,
Perhaps a quiet life, with a garden view?

“Finally off the road and into the sunset,” says your beau,
Two sons at home, waiting for their dad’s glow.
To hear tales of the road, of the highs and the lows,
Of the music, the fans, the after-show throws.

Chris Martin pays tribute, via a digital stream,
For the “Rocket Man” and his technicolor dream.
For the AIDS Foundation, LGBTQ, and the self-esteem,
For fashion, eyewear, and dressing gowns that gleam!

So here’s to you, Sir Elton John, our shining star,
Your touring days may be over, but you’re never far.
Your music, your legacy, will always play,
In our hearts, in our souls, as we sway.

So goodbye, Elton, with your piano grand,
Your final show, in Stockholm’s land.
You’ve left your mark, on every stage,
Now enjoy your well-earned, quiet age.