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Record-Breaking ‘Harry Potters’ Converge on Hamburg in Celebration

Hamburg was transformed into Hogwarts this past weekend, minus the moving staircases and Nearly Headless Nick. Why the magical makeover? To toast the 25th anniversary of the German translation of the first Harry Potter book. But this wasn’t your average wizarding rendezvous. Picture this: Hundreds of fans, each donning the iconic glasses and scar, looking like they raided Harry’s wardrobe.

A staggering 1,748 Potter impersonators gathered, making the previous record of 997 look like a mere Muggle gathering. Rufus Beck, aka Ron Weasley, aka the voice behind the German audiobooks, graced the event. The magic was so palpable that some fans couldn’t even squeeze into the designated area. Perhaps they should’ve packed their Time-Turners?

This whimsical gathering was more than just a record attempt. It celebrated a series that taught us about bravery, friendship, and that kids can indeed read books longer than a Quidditch match. Remember when publishers scoffed at a book over 176 pages? Oh, how times change.

In a nutshell, while the world chases the next trend, Hamburg’s heart beats for the boy with the lightning bolt scar. If you’re ever in the mood for a Harry overload, you know the destination!