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Rand v. Fauci : Of a Virus, a Lab, and a Perjury Conspiracy

Oh, what a tale of intrigue and hypocrisy,
Of a virus, a lab, and a perjury conspiracy.
Dr. Fauci, the man of the hour,
Accused of lying, his reputation sour.

Rand Paul, the Senator, with a letter in hand,
Claims Fauci’s testimony doesn’t quite stand.
“Gain-of-function research,” he said with a frown,
“Funded by NIH, in Wuhan town.”

Fauci, the doctor, once so revered,
Now in the spotlight, his name besmeared.
“Never funded such research,” he did claim,
But the emails tell a different game.

“Scientists in Wuhan,” one email read,
“Working on viruses that fill us with dread.”
Yet Fauci insisted, with a voice so firm,
“No funding from us,” he did affirm.

Oh, the drama, the spectacle, the congressional fight,
With accusations flying left and right.
Paul points his pencil, Fauci points back,
The tension in the room, oh it did stack.

“Retract your statement,” Paul did insist,
But Fauci stood firm, his face in a twist.
“You do not know what you’re talking about,”
He retorted, his voice a shout.

And so, the saga continues to unfold,
A story of science, power, and gold.
A virus, a lab, and a perjury claim,
In this pandemic, it’s just part of the game.

So, raise your glasses, folks, and let’s make a toast,
To the truth that eludes us, the truth we want most.
In the world of politics, science, and health,
The only certainty is the pursuit of wealth.