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Powerball Jackpot Soars to $1 Billion

Oh Powerball, you elusive dame,
With your billion-dollar game.
No winners found, the prize ascends,
The cycle never seems to ends.

Numbers drawn, five, eight, nine,
Seventeen and forty-one, oh so fine.
Yet no ticket matched, no joy unfurled,
In this Powerball’s billion-dollar world.

Three lucky souls won two mill each,
A sum most would consider a peach.
But compared to the billion-dollar prize,
It barely registers in our eyes.

Five more won a million, oh what a thrill,
Yet the billion-dollar jackpot looms still.
From Connecticut to the Lone Star State,
The billion-dollar dream continues to inflate.

Odds stacked high, one in 292.2 million,
Yet hope springs eternal for the civilian.
The grand prize untouched, 38 drawings and counting,
The anticipation and the jackpot, both are mounting.

Powerball, you’re played far and wide,
In 45 states, folks join the ride.
From D.C. to Puerto Rico, even Virgin Islands,
In pursuit of the dream, the billion-dollar highlands.

So here’s to you, Powerball, you sly fox,
Your billion-dollar jackpot, it paradoxically mocks.
As the numbers are drawn, and hopes reach the sky,
We can’t help but dream, “What if it’s I?”