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America Has Spoken: Pepperoni Still Reigns Supreme

Pepperoni takes the pie, no questions asked,
With 24% of votes, it’s clearly unmatched.
In the topping race, it’s the leading star,
Others trail behind, can only gaze from afar.

Sausage, though spicy, can’t turn up the heat,
At 13%, it admits defeat.
Extra cheese, though it stretches the line,
Only 11% think it’s truly divine.

Mushrooms and chicken, they join the play,
With 9% and 6%, they have their say.
But the anchovy, oh so salty and tiny,
At 1%, it’s the choice of the very few and shiny.

Now, let’s slice into another piece of the pie,
Where crust preferences and pizza styles lie.
In the crust we trust, thin wins the game,
39% prefer it, in the doughy fame.

While 30% thick crust fans, stake their claim,
And 16% for stuffed-crust, it’s not the same.
New York-style pizza, takes a 27% slice,
While Chicago-style deep dish, is 19% of the price.

And then there’s the fork and knife brigade,
11% of them, not afraid.
To slice and dice their pizza slice,
For pizza aficionados, it’s not so nice.

We’d love to continue this cheesy tale,
But alas, it’s getting too rich, we must bail.
So here we end our flavorful tour,
In the realm of pizza, there’s always more.


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