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Pence’s Race Against the Clock for GOP Debate Eligibility


In the GOP’s grand theater, where presidential hopefuls aspire,
Seven have secured their spots, for the debate under Milwaukee’s spire.
Qualifications met, polls and donors conspire,
But Pence, once a heartbeat away, is caught in the mire.

To qualify for this grand event, the rules are set in stone,
1% in three high-quality polls, a donor base to own.
At least 40,000 donors, with 200 in states twenty,
Yet Pence, once Vice President, finds his coffers empty.

Trump, the ever-present shadow, ponders a boycott game,
“Why join the fray when you’re leading?” he proclaims.
DeSantis, once the golden boy, now struggles to shine,
While Senator Scott, with his millions, seems just fine.

Haley speaks of women’s rights, standing tall and alone,
Ramaswamy, the entrepreneur, in the spotlight has grown.
Christie challenges Trump, with words bold and direct,
Burgum uses his wealth, hoping voters he’ll collect.

But back to Pence, his donor count still in a drought,
Will he grace the debate stage? There’s lingering doubt.
While others offer soccer tickets, or critique the RNC’s way,
Pence remains hopeful, “I’ll make it,” he dares to say.

In this political circus, where fortunes quickly shift,
Pence’s position is precarious, needing a swift uplift.
For in the game of politics, as the stakes get set,
The headline reads: “Pence hasn’t made the debate cut… yet.”