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Passions Over Property: The Contemporary American Dream

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Once upon a time, the “American Dream” was simple: get rich, buy a big house, and maybe a white picket fence to keep the Joneses’ envy at bay. But oh, how the mighty dream has evolved, or should we say, gotten a reality check?

Enter GoDaddy, the domain giant, deciding they’d play sociologist for a day. They asked over 1,000 small-business owners about their take on this age-old aspiration.

The results? Well, let’s just say the white picket fence is out, and “feeling all the feels” is in. A whopping 54% now equate the American Dream with personal happiness. That’s right, forget the mansion; just give us a good meme, a comfy couch, and uninterrupted WiFi. Another 49% are all about chasing passions, which we assume means binge-watching their favorite series or perhaps mastering the art of sourdough.

Wealth is still on the menu, but it’s been demoted to a side dish. 56% want just enough green to live comfortably, perhaps in a tiny home or a van down by the river.

Speaking of homes, remember when owning one was the ultimate badge of “I’ve made it!”? Well, only 45% think that way now. The rest are probably too busy swiping on their smartphones, wondering why their avocado toast doesn’t come with a side of real estate.

Blame it on sky-high home prices or the allure of the digital nomad life, but the younger Gen Z crowd seems to be whispering, “Who needs walls when you’ve got the cloud?”

The Great Resignation gets a nod too. Why slave away in a 9-to-5 when you can chase dreams, redefine success, and, most importantly, avoid those pesky office meetings?

But, as with any dream, there’s always a sprinkle of reality. Tech, education, healthcare – the trifecta of modern challenges still loom large. Yet, ever the optimists, 62% believe they’ll live their version of the dream. Even if it’s less “rags-to-riches” and more “hashtags-to-happiness.”