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Passing the Torch: ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ from Billy Joel to Fall Out Boy

In the realm where music and history blend,
A tale of two eras, a message to send.
Billy Joel, the bard of a time that’s past,
His song, a fire, its embers still cast.

“We Didn’t Start the Fire,” his 1989 hit,
A chronicle of time, in rhythm and wit.
From ’49 to ’89, the world in a song,
A history lesson, as we sing along.

Then came Fall Out Boy, with a torch in hand,
To carry the fire, to the present land.
From ’89 to now, they’ve taken the stage,
Adding their verses, to the history page.

Taylor Swift and Kanye, a moment in time,
Woodstock ’99, a memory, sublime.
Fyre Fest, Harry Potter, and Twilight’s allure,
Robert Downey Jr., as Iron Man, pure.

Stranger Things, Avatar, in the cultural mix,
SpongeBob, Pokemon, MySpace clicks.
A modern-day update, a lyrical spree,
Continuing the fire, for all to see.

Billy Joel, the original, gives his nod,
To Fall Out Boy, with a supportive applaud.
“Great, take it away,” he says with a smile,
Passing the torch, across the time aisle.

Here’s to the fire, we didn’t ignite,
But we’ll keep singing, with all our might.
For the story continues, as it must,
In the power of song, we place our trust.