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Now Playing: You Are So Not Invited to Our Dining Rooms

In an age where sitting down together to eat sounds like doom,
Fast-food chains are chanting, “You’re are so not invited to my dining room!”
With lanes that stretch and curbs that swoon,
They bid their dining halls a swift maroon.

McDonald’s, with a flair for the dramatic scene,
Announces, “Our dining rooms are not to be seen!”
With conveyor belts and screens so keen,
They usher in a future, unforeseen.

Schlotzsky’s, with a script that’s yet unsure,
Ponders if dining rooms are pure.
With a cautious stance and plans obscure,
They whisper, “Maybe we’ll keep some, just to ensure.”

Wingstop takes a bold new role,
In a script where dining rooms don’t hold the pole.
With wings to go, they’re on a roll,
Declaring, “Our future’s without a dining soul.”

Taco Bell, with a plot twist in store,
Scripts a future with dining rooms no more.
With lanes that spiral to explore,
They say, “Dining rooms are such a bore.”

Panera, with a set now small and grand,
Joins the play with a script in hand.
With no cozy nooks on their land,
They announce, “We cater to the on-the-go band.”

Burger King, with a royal script to share,
Plans a future with dining rooms bare.
With open patios and fresh air,
They declare, “Dining rooms are so yesteryear.”

In this quick play of change and might,
Big fast-food chains take the spotlight.
With an eye to to save a few bucks,
They make some of us want to go to Starbucks.