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Creative Director of NHL 23 Issues Apology to Fans


In the digital rink where McDavid should shine,
NHL 23 missed the mark, time after time.
High hopes turned to sighs, a collective groan,
For a game that should’ve been in a league of its own.

Enter Inglehart, EA’s creative sage,
Facing the fans, taking center stage.
“We faltered, we stumbled, we missed the net,
But NHL 24 is a promise, a surefire bet.”

Cross-play’s revival, sleek and refined,
With GM Connected, a feature fans pined.
From feedback to fixes, they’ve taken the chart,
Crafting a game that’s truly state of the art.

Barriers in gameplay, they aim to erase,
Promising a title that’ll quicken the pace.
No more glitches, no more in-game lag,
A smoother experience, without any drag.

HUT and World of Chel, set to shine bright,
With improvements and tweaks, making everything right.
Franchise mode, Be A Pro, getting their due,
Enhancements abound, making everything new.

A fusion of feedback, technology, and art,
With Inglehart’s vision at the very heart.
The journey’s been long, with bumps on the way,
But the horizon looks bright, with the break of day.

So raise your controllers, gamers unite,
For NHL 24 promises a future so bright.
With arenas filled and fans in the stand,
The digital puck is set to land.