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New Research Suggests Cats Ditch the Mouse for the Sprout

orange Persian cat sleeping

In a world where cats chase and pounce,
A new diet emerges, ounce by ounce.
For meat was king, or so we thought,
Until Professor Knight brought what he sought.

Knight of Winchester, with research in hand,
Says, “Cats need nutrients, not meat from the land.
Biologically speaking, it’s not about the chase,
But the right nutrients, in the right base.”

With whiskers twitched and tails a-swirl,
In a brave new world, give plants a whirl.
No more the hunter, fierce and wild,
But a green gourmet, nature’s reconciled child.

Through fields of science, Knight did tread,
With visions of green diets in his head.
He spoke of taurine from sources anew,
A culinary revolution, breaking through.

But wait, the vets with caution speak,
For feline health, advice they seek.
With studies new and data fresh,
They weave a changing, complex mesh.

In hushed halls where knowledge meets,
The British Veterinary Association greets.
A working group with minds so fine,
To ponder the future of feline dine.

So here we stand, at crossroads met,
To feed or not, our dear pet.
With veggies, grains, and fruits so fine,
In this new world, where cats dine.

As owners ponder with furrowed brow,
A new era dawns, here and now.
With choices vast and paths untrod,
A journey begins, with a nod from God.

In gardens green where whispers wind,
A tale unfolds, a new kind find.
Where cats and plants in harmony meet,
In a world transformed, oh so sweet.