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New Obstruction Charges in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Case

Source: Mar-a-Lago website

In Mar-a-Lago, under the Florida sun,
Another chapter in Trump’s legal battles has begun.
From President to citizen, his role did shift,
New allegations make the headlines shit.

Enter Carlos De Oliveira, maintenance man,
Caught up in a complex, unfolding plan.
Charged, but claiming he saw no wrong,
In this ongoing legal song.

“Delete the server,” was the alleged word,
From Trump to Carlos, if the indictment is to be heard.
But another employee, ethics in his sight,
Said, “I can’t do that, it wouldn’t be right.”

Boxes of documents, a mystery untold,
Trump didn’t want their contents to unfold.
A hint to his lawyer, a subtle try,
“Remove the bad stuff,” was the implied cry.

Walt Nauta, another name in this case,
Assured Trump’s PAC, Carlos was in a safe space.
Trump promised Carlos, a lawyer he’d find,
In this unfolding narrative, with loyalty entwined.

A trial is pending, in the month of May,
What will the verdict be, what will they say?
In this tale of servers, boxes, and a legal quest,
Stay tuned, folks, for the rest!