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Kennedy Legacy Revisited: RFK Jr.’s Controversial Pandemic Claims

Credit: RFK Jr Official YT Channel

A far cry from JFK’s Camelot days,
And RFK’s justice-seeking ways.
Their focus was on civil rights,
And leading the nation to new heights.

JFK, with his New Frontier,
Sought to make the path clear.
For progress, prosperity, and peace,
His vision for America, he did release.

RFK, with his empathetic voice,
Made civil rights his choice.
From poverty to racial tension,
He sought unity and prevention.

Yet, in this modern political run,
A different Kennedy under the sun.
RFK Jr.’s journey has just begun,
A new narrative being spun.

Against Fauci, he takes his stand,
Claims of pandemic crimes, he does demand.
A book he penned, a tale quite grim,
Of Fauci, Gates, and democracy’s whim.

Hints of a Wuhan lab leak, he does suggest,
A pledge to prosecute, part of his quest.
Yet, no clear guilt does he assert,
Just a vague accusation, in a tone curt.

He accuses Fauci of withholding care,
In the pandemic’s wake, a claim unfair.
With a fraction of the world’s souls,
We bore a hefty toll of COVID goals.

Claims of bad policy, and deeds of harm,
Kennedy’s narrative, causing alarm.
Kennedy insists, with stubborn fixation,
On a link between vaccines and autism’s creation.

Yet, he argues, his views are misconstrued,
“We need good science,” he concluded.
In the race for the nomination, he’s far behind,
But in the polls, some support he does find.

A tale of politics, pandemic, and fear,
In the shadow of his kin, his path is unclear.
Oh, how the apple has fallen from the tree,
A sigh echoes, in the land of the free.