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Kennedy Condemns Kennedy: A Family Divided by COVID-19 Comments


Oh, RFK Jr., what a sight,
Spreading theories left and right,
Claims of bioweapons in the night,
A COVID tale that causes fright.

“Ethnically targeted,” he did say,
To save Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese, hooray!
But his kin, they did not sway,
“Deplorable and untruthful,” they weigh.

Joe Kennedy III, with a tweet so bold,
“Uncle’s comments, hurtful and cold.”
Kerry Kennedy, the sister, also scold,
“Brother’s words, a falsehood sold.”

RFK Jr., a skeptic of vaccines,
In the realm of science, what does this mean?
Conspiracy theories, in his routine,
While YouTube removes him from the scene.

A presidential run, he has in sight,
In 2024, will he ignite?
A man who stirs up quite the fight,
With a COVID tale, that doesn’t quite feel right.