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Justice for Tupac: Las Vegas Police Issue Search Warrant

Vegas lights, they still shine bright,
But ain’t no justice for Pac’s endless night.
In ’96, bullets flew, took our man away,
Now they searchin’ Henderson, what more they gonna say?

No arrests, no suspects, just a cold case chill,
While Pac’s rhymes still give the people that thrill.
From Cali Love to Changes, his truth’s still told,
In the heart of the city, his legacy bold.

They say it’s a drive-by, on the Vegas strip,
But who holds the truth, who lets it slip?
25 years, still no justice served,
Is this the peace that our Pac deserved?

So we remember Tupac, the poet, the son,
His battle ain’t over, his song ain’t done.
In the city of sin, under the neon light,
We still fight for you, Pac, keepin’ your memory bright.

He was more than a rapper, he was a voice for the streets,
Speaking truth to power, over hard-hitting beats.
His words were his weapons, his mic was his shield,
In the war against injustice, he never did yield.

75 million records, worldwide he did sell,
His music’s an anthem, a story to tell.
In the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, his name’s etched in gold,
A testament to a legend, forever bold.

So here’s to Tupac, who made us all see,
The power of music, the will to be free.
His case may be cold, but his spirit’s alive,
In the heart of the city, where legends survive.