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It’s Not ‘Prime Time’, It’s ‘Fire Time’ at ESPN

It’s not prime time, it’s fire time at ESPN,
Where stars once shone, now meet their end,
Reported to be departing, oh so malign,
Names we knew, off the prime-time line.

Mark Jackson, with his NBA call,
Joined by Van Gundy, a coaching wall,
Jalen Rose, with his basketball brawl,
And Keyshawn Johnson, catching the football.

Max Kellerman, with his debate so hot,
Suzy Kolber, the interviews she got,
Chris Chelios, on the ice, a juggernaut,
And Hasselbeck, with his quarterback shot.

Steve Young, another QB ace,
Rob Ninkovich, chasing the base,
Neil Everett, with his SportsCenter grace,
And Ashley Brewer, setting the pace.

Joon Lee, with stories so vast,
LaPhonso Ellis, with a basketball past,
Todd McShay, with his draft forecast,
Jordan Cornette, always steadfast.

Jason Fitz, with his musical flair,
David Pollack, analysis rare,
All these names, reported to be in the open air,
ESPN’s layoff, oh what a scare!