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It’s Hot as Hell Outside

It’s hot as hell outside, can’t you see?
Three continents under the sun’s decree.
“Human-caused crisis,” scientists say,
While we sunbathe and enjoy the day.

China’s heat, fifty times more likely,
While we sip our iced tea, quite sprightly.
Death Valley’s temp, a scorching high,
Phoenix’s days, under the summer sky.

Ice cream trucks are melting in the street,
And the chickens are laying hard-boiled treats.
Even the devil asked for a vacation,
Said he needed a cooler location.

Friederike Otto, a climate science sage,
Says climate change’s role takes center stage.
According to the World Weather Attribution’s review,
Every 15 years, the US might stew.

And Europe? Every decade, oh my!
The planet heats, and we’re to blame, they imply.
Two degrees more, and it’s a frequent feat,
Every few years, we’ll feel the heat.

El Niño’s role, just a tiny bit,
Fossil fuels? The main culprit.
“It’s simple,” Otto warns, with a sigh,
Yet we act as if it’s just the sky.

Runaway warming? Not quite there,
But the future’s hot, do take care.
Heat waves are tough, we all agree,
Yet we act as if it’s just the sea.

Society’s call, soft but clear,
Reduce the heat, there’s nothing to fear.
Adapt, prepare, understand,
Or feel the warmth of the heated sand.

The choice is ours, to make or mar,
In this heated game, we’re the star.
Sweating in places we didn’t know exist,
Wondering if snowmen are now just a myth.