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Israel Hospital Becomes 1st to Introduce ChatGPT to ER

From the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, a report emerges clear,
Sourasky Medical Center stands tall, a beacon that many revere.
Known as Ichilov by locals, with patients from both far and near,
It’s embraced a technology, causing the world to peer.

The Israeli startup, Kahun, strides with innovation so vast,
Partners with the hospital, a bond that’s meant to last.
Introducing ChatGPT, an AI chatbot unsurpassed,
To the triage process, it’s been firmly amast.

Patients converse, their feelings they reveal,
To a bot that listens, understanding the ordeal.
A summary it crafts, setting the diagnostic wheel,
Streamlining the process, with an efficient zeal.

Medical burnout, casting shadows so wide,
In Israel’s healthcare, it’s a challenging tide.
But with Kahun’s AI, a change does reside,
Promising patient care, with technology as the guide.

Boasting over 30 million insights, the system stands grand,
Kahun’s innovation, making waves across the land.
Prof. Seltzer sees the potential, giving a commendable hand,
Believing this tech shapes the future, in this ancient sand.