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In the Garden of Pop, Miley’s ‘Flowers’ Blossoms Longest atop the Chart

Miley Cyrus, with your song ‘Flowers’ in bloom,
You’ve climbed the charts, giving others no room.
17 weeks at No. 1, a record you’ve spun,
Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’, its reign is done.

But let’s take a moment, to look back in time,
At the songs that once, had their prime.
‘Smooth’ by Santana, with Rob Thomas’ vibe,
25 weeks at the top, man, what a ride!

Then ‘Wherever You Will Go’, by The Calling, you see,
23 weeks at the top, oh the glee!
And ‘Blinding Lights’, by The Weeknd, so bright,
20 weeks shining, oh what a sight!

But wait, there’s more, in this chart-topping lore,
‘Photograph’ by Nickelback, it did score.
18 weeks at No. 1, it had its fun,
Matched by ‘Unwell’, another 18-week run.

Now back to our Miley, with ‘Flowers’ so sweet,
17 weeks at the top, quite a feat.
Tied with ‘Iris’, by Goo Goo Dolls, a classic tune,
And ‘Complicated’ now, has to croon.

So here’s to Miley, and her chart-topping song,
In the world of pop, she’s proven she’s strong.
But remember, in this game of musical chairs,
The charts keep spinning, so everyone beware!