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Gears of Change in Motor City

blue Ford pickup truck

In the heart of the Motor City, a storm does brew,
With workers united, a camaraderie true,
They stand in defiance, a resolute crew,
Against corporate giants, they bid adieu.

Oh, the CEOs in their ivory towers,
Bathing in gold from the morning to twilight hours,
While the laborers, with all their powers,
Demand a slice of the flourishing flowers.

Shawn Fain, a leader with fire in his veins,
Speaks for the masses, breaking the chains,
“No more shall we bear these disdainful reins,
For a just transition is what remains.”

Electric dreams pave the streets anew,
But what of the workers, the steadfast crew?
In the green economy, they seek their due,
A seat at the table, a perspective true.

In the political arena, endorsements are sought,
But Fain declares, “They shan’t be bought!
For actions, not words, is what we’ve sought,
In the battle for justice, we’ve tirelessly fought.”

From Hollywood writers to the baristas in line,
A resurgence of labor, a sign of the time,
With unity, they stand, in a rhythm, a rhyme,
In the face of injustice, a climb, a climb.

So here’s to the workers, with grit in their hand,
In solidarity, they firmly withstand,
Against the tide of the corporate land,
For economic justice, they make their grand stand.

In the annals of history, this chapter will tell,
Of a labor movement, where spirits did swell,
With hope for the future, where fairness dwells,
In the heart of America, where the true spirit gels.