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From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv: A Nation’s Cry for Democracy

Source: Getty Images

In the heart of Jerusalem’s night,
Water cannons gave protesters quite the fright.
“Limit the Supreme Court!” the parliament did decree,
While the streets of Jerusalem echoed with a democratic plea.

In Tel Aviv too, the people did rise,
Their voices loud under the starry skies.
“Dictatorship!” one man did shout,
Lying in the street, his resolve stout.

Netanyahu stands firm, his voice does ring,
“This law is for the majority, let freedom sing!”
But the streets of both cities tell a different tale,
With cries of protest forming a gale.

The White House chimed in, “It’s unfortunate, you see,”
As drums and whistles played a cacophony.
With a law so divisive, causing such a fuss,
One wonders, is it for the people or just for us?

The protests continue, the people stand tall,
In the face of a law that could make them fall.
Yet hope remains, burning bright,
In the heart of the cities, in the dead of night.

Former heads of security, justices too,
Join the chorus of voices, old and new.
“Postpone the reforms,” they all implore,
As the nation stands on the brink of a lore.

In the midst of turmoil, a nation divided,
Yet the spirit of democracy has not subsided.
For in the heart of the people, the flame burns bright,
In the hope of a future, where justice is right.


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