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For the Love of Bob, Stop Microwaving Plastic

Today where quick fixes are the game,
Microwaves buzz, calling our name.
Yet a tale unfolds, with a curious claim,
About plastics and heat, and who’s to blame?

A watchful parent, with a keen eye,
Spotted plastics, oh my, oh my!
With a thirst for truth, he aimed to pry,
To solve this riddle, he’d surely try.

Microwaving containers, what could go wrong?
But the results sang a different song.
Microplastics aplenty, but we’ll stay strong,
And nanoplastics too, dancing along.

Plastics are tricky, a puzzle to decode,
With polymers and additives, quite an abode.
Microwave them, and they hit the road,
Releasing tiny bits, as they erode.

Now, the health effects, they’re still in debate,
But let’s not leave things up to fate.
Microplastics are sneaky, they infiltrate,
But we’re on the case, before it’s too late.

Nanoplastics, they’re the tiniest crew,
Slipping past defenses, without a clue.
But don’t you worry, we’re reviewing anew,
To ensure our meals are safe and true.

So next time you microwave, take a pause,
Think of the plastics and their hidden clause.
For the love of Bob, let’s give a pause,
And stop microwaving plastic, because.