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Footprints Reveal Prehistoric Party in Morocco

brown horse running on brown field during daytime

In Morocco’s High Atlas, a tale to be told,
Dino footprints, 150 million years old!
Found in Imilchil-Outerbat, a region so vast,
Echoes of a Jurassic dance party from the past.

“Step aside, humans, with your fleeting fame,
We rocked the Isli formation, before you even had a name!”
Sauropods, the giants, with necks stretching high,
Left tracks so deep, they almost touched the sky.

Ornithopods, the herbivores, grooved on the floor,
While theropods thought, “Maybe just one dance more?”
From the tiny Microraptor to the T-rex’s might,
This Moroccan dance-off was quite the sight!

Researchers now ponder, with a curious glance,
“Did the ornithopods teach the theropods to dance?”
In a land once filled with rivers and lakes,
These dinos left footprints in their wakes.

The first site, nearly 200 feet wide,
Held sauropod, ornithopod, and theropod strides.
The second, with tracks of young theropods neat,
And the third, bird-like prints that can’t be beat!

Yet, identifying species, a challenge so vast,
For the region’s body fossils didn’t last.
But tracks in the mud, preserved so neat,
Tell tales of dinos, dancing on their feet.