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FDA Endorses Opill: A New Era for Nonprescription Contraceptives

Ladies and gents, lend me your ears,
The FDA’s got news that wipes away fears.
Opill, it’s named, sleek as can be,
A daily contraceptive, as easy as one-two-three.

No more doctor’s notes, no more pharmacy queues,
Just pop in a tablet, it’s the birth control you choose.
Available at your local store, or even online,
Getting your hands on it is simply divine.

“An option for millions,” the FDA did proclaim,
“Safe and effective,” if used without shame.
But heed this warning, as you embrace the thrill,
It’s the same time each day, or it loses its will.

Now, don’t start rejoicing, don’t start the fest,
This pill’s got side effects that might protest.
Headaches, dizziness, and a belly that bloats,
Increased appetite, you might need looser coats!

And if you’ve battled cancer, or use other birth control,
This pill’s not your ally, that’s not its role.
And let’s not forget, in the passion of the night,
It won’t shield you from an STD’s fright.

Opill, the latest sensation, takes the stage,
A nonprescription route to manage the biological age.
But remember, my friends, as you make that leap,
It’s not just about preventing a baby’s peep.

It’s about choice, it’s about control,
It’s about playing your own, personal role.
It’s about freedom, it’s about trust,
It’s about doing what you feel is just.