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Fashion Takes the Floor While Policy Waits at the Senate Door

Where the fate of a nation is drawn line by line,
Emerged a debate, both frivolous and fine,
Not of war, peace, or the economy’s spine,
But of ties, slacks, and fashion’s design.

Senator Fetterman, a rebel in jeans so blue,
Stood out in the crowd, a view so askew.
Schumer, the leader, with a sigh and a frown,
Thought, “Is this the biggest issue in town?”

Manchin and Romney, with papers in hand,
Came forth with a proposal, a sartorial demand.
“For men, it’s simple, formal and sleek,
But for women, the guidelines are somewhat oblique.”

The world outside watched, with issues so vast,
Climate change, healthcare, memories of the past.
Yet inside those walls, the debate raged on,
Over fabric and patterns, till the break of dawn.

Hunger, education, rights to uphold,
Yet here they sat, debating if patterns were bold.
In a world crying out for justice and care,
The Senate’s top concern? What to wear.

A chamber of power, of decisions so grand,
Yet lost in the details, unable to understand,
That while fashion is fun, and style has its place,
There are bigger concerns the nation must face.