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EX-Raiders Coach Vows to ‘Burn Da’ House Down

In the treacherous trenches of the NFL’s game,
Gruden’s tale spins, fueled by irony’s flame.
Once hailed a coach, a Raider’s crown,
Now he’s on a legal circus, upside down.

Gruden roars, his eyes ablaze,
Suing the league in a scandalous haze.
Spilled secrets, they claim, a wicked ploy,
To push him out, oh the NFL’s coy!

Snyder cashes out, the story unfolds,
Caught in Gruden’s drama, where truth erodes.
Congress steps in, the plot grows thick,
Snyder’s exit, a pressured trick.

Gruden hunts truth, like a bumbling sleuth,
Unearthing digital clues, oh what a spoof!
Exposing the NFL’s supposed dearth,
But is it a jest, or just little worth?

Goodell and Gruden, a comical clash,
Hidden animosity, an ironic stash.
Did Goodell use emails, oh so crude,
To exile Gruden, leaving him skewed?

The plot unravels, a tangle so absurd,
The NFL’s reputation, oh how it’s blurred.
Gruden’s lawyers prowl, a satirical sight,
The NFL might surrender, oh what a delight!

650,000 emails, a Pandora’s box,
Gruden claims they’ll shock the jocks.
Incriminate all, he boldly proclaims,
A series of unfortunate jokes, in twisted frames.

Gruden lingers, with the Saints in view,
The NFL’s silent, no constraints to pursue.
But if Gruden triumphs, oh what a farce,
He’ll return with spicy vengeance to amass.

Here’s to Gruden, in his ironic quest,
Against the NFL, he’s put to test.
He’s out to burn the house, it seems,
In this chaotic saga of football dreams.