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Europe No Longer Visa-Free for U.S. Travelers in 2024

We jetted to Europe, wild and carefree,
No visa, just passport, as simple as can be.
But twenty-twenty-four brings a new decree,
Eight dollars and forms, oh the bureaucracy!

ETIAS, they say is the new key,
To unlock Europe’s door, but it ain’t free.
A citizen of the USA you say? Gee,
Prepare your wallet, pay the fee.

But hold your horses, there’s a plan,
An exemption for the young and the elder clan.
Under eighteen or past seventy-one, you’re a fan,
No fee for you, escape while you can.

Minutes to thirty days, oh the range,
For a process they claim is no big change.
But with personal info and passport exchange,
The ‘quick’ process feels a little strange.

Convicted of a crime, they want to know,
And your travel plans, before you go.
A stamp that lasts till your passport’s no more,
Or three years, whichever hits the floor.

These changes, a questionable pill to take,
To Europe we’ll go, make no mistake.
But with a sigh and a grumble, for goodness’ sake,
As we’re left to navigate this bureaucratic headache.